Casino Themed Decor

When you are hosting a casino night, theme ideas require precise attention to detail.

Boston Casino Events themes are almost always a much better experience than a stuff black tie dinner. Themed party ideas can range from casino nights to murder mystery dinners to superheroes, with the most popular usually being a casino party. Games like blackjack and roulette get people around a table, talking and relaxing. However, chances are high you don’t have a roulette table lying around. Our Party theme rentals allow you to get the equipment and materials you need for an affordable price and you can get a guarantee that it will be in perfect working condition.

All the best casino games to play are available for themed party ideas. Whatever party theme rentals you need, whether casino table games or otherwise, are available from a party rental company. Casino party games are without a doubt the number one choice for your event because of how they allow guests to let their guard down and have a good time. Make them a must in your themed party ideas. Boston Casino Events are known for being extravagant and spectacular and you can live up to that reputation.

Custom Props

Use our custom props from classic decorations to our new decor options that can help add the finishing touch to make your casino night truly amazing.

  • Red Carpet Entrance
  • Video Entranceways
  • Giant Cards
  • Giant Dice
  • Interactive Slot Machines
  • Search Lights
  • Entertainers
  • Uplighting and Furniture Rentals

What our customers say

Had a surprise party for my cousin. Boston Casino Events provided an easy solution to all my needs. The staff was very friendly and professional, the tables were really nice, the slots were actual slots I’ve seen in Vegas, the deejay/emcee was great, Elvis was also a big hit! The event looked like you were in a Vegas movie from the 60’s. My cousin couldn’t have been happier with this event!

Steven C., Chelmsford, MA

My mother’s 80th birthday was last week and I didn’t know what do for her. She loves the Casino but is too old to go so I called Rich from Boston Casino Rentals and he was so helpful making suggestions. We got a tent, casino tables, slot machines and a dj, it was a great time. They are the best!

Boris Jenkins, Boston, MA

I cannot express how extremely happy I am with Boston Casino products and services. I used them for my sisters 30th birthday party in Salisbury, Ma she was amazed and everyone had fun! Excellent work on decorating a really nice Vegas theme.

Lisa Roberts, Salisbury, MA

Boston Casino Events did our company outing and I was impressed the their professionalism from start to finish. The did everything that we were looking for all with one call.

James Simon, Quincy, MA

Get the Green Screen Photobooth!!! We booked the Green Screen Photo Booth and DJ for our Casino Event. The event rocked!

Monica H.

Casino Night Party Themes

If you’re looking for a fun party idea, a casino night party theme is almost always a hugely successful option. There are a ton of fun casino party ideas from games to activities to awesome music or tables. You can get easily replicate a casino in Atlantic City with these fun casino night games with the help of expert staff who can put together your party or event quickly and efficiently. A casino night party theme is a guaranteed good time, no matter what the occasion. Take advantage of a casino night theme and go all out for the most memorable night anyone could have.

You need some great casino party ideas and casino night games if you’re going to have a successful evening. Figure out what you want out of your night and talk it over with the experts at a casino party rentals company. They’ll supply whatever you want, from games to tables to slots to staff. Your party or event will go off without a hitch and the casino night party theme will give everything an opportunity to get dolled up and get the experience without having to leave town.

A casino night theme needs a few things to be successful and a party company will help you get the right idea and the right atmosphere. A casino party rentals company has everything you could possibly need and you will get your money’s worth when you hire them. There are some things that any casino night theme will need but you can throw in some personal touches with the help of a casino party rentals company.

Once you’ve landed on a casino night party theme, you should start making a list of everything you need. Casino party rentals are crucial to the event and you’ll be guaranteed a terrific and memorable night with your guests. The best thing about having a casino night theme for an event is you won’t have to worry about it being inappropriate. Charity events, corporate parties, or other official events require a certain level of professionalism and a casino night theme allows for that while still giving guests the freedom of having a grand experience.

When you are hosting a casino night, theme ideas require precise attention to detail. From authentic slot machines to card tables and music or food, you need to be able to get the best party supplies. Your casino night games and food will fit the theme to a T without fail, turning your night into a huge success.