Fundraisers and Charity Events

A Casino Night fundraiser is a popular and profitable way for charitable organizations to raise money. Every successful casino fundraiser has one thing in common – a good turnout. If people show up, they will spend money, and reaching your profit goals will follow. Non-profit organizations especially enjoy a casino model for fundraising because their benefactors are easily entertained while donating money. A Boston Casino Event Casino Night fundraiser has the look and feel of a real Las Vegas casino! The only difference is that the dealers do not accept real currency at the gaming tables. Boston Casino Event FUN money is used at all the gaming tables in exchange for casino-style chips. Betting limits and chip values are displayed at gaming tables and are determined by your committee.

What our customers say

Had a surprise party for my cousin. Boston Casino Events provided an easy solution to all my needs. The staff was very friendly and professional, the tables were really nice, the slots were actual slots I’ve seen in Vegas, the deejay/emcee was great, Elvis was also a big hit! The event looked like you were in a Vegas movie from the 60’s. My cousin couldn’t have been happier with this event!

Steven C., Chelmsford, MA

My mother’s 80th birthday was last week and I didn’t know what do for her. She loves the Casino but is too old to go so I called Rich from Boston Casino Rentals and he was so helpful making suggestions. We got a tent, casino tables, slot machines and a dj, it was a great time. They are the best!

Boris Jenkins, Boston, MA

I cannot express how extremely happy I am with Boston Casino products and services. I used them for my sisters 30th birthday party in Salisbury, Ma she was amazed and everyone had fun! Excellent work on decorating a really nice Vegas theme.

Lisa Roberts, Salisbury, MA

Boston Casino Events did our company outing and I was impressed the their professionalism from start to finish. The did everything that we were looking for all with one call.

James Simon, Quincy, MA

Get the Green Screen Photobooth!!! We booked the Green Screen Photo Booth and DJ for our Casino Event. The event rocked!

Monica H.

Reach and Exceed Your Fundraising Goals

As your guests arrive and check-in, they will receive a pre-determined amount of casino scrip (play money), supplied by Boston Casino Event. The amount of casino scrip the player is given at the door will directly influence how much money they will spend the rest of the evening. Additional money is raised for your organization through the purchases of our “Boston Casino Event FUN PAKS” by your players/guests. Boston Casino Event Fun Paks are booklets that include casino scrip, casino prize raffle coupons, and gaming coupons. The Boston Casino Event Fun Paks are included in the cost of your casino package and your organization will keep all the proceeds from sales of these booklets.

Unlike Las Vegas, however, no real money is won as a result of gaming. Players become eligible to win prizes when gaming closes by exchanging their casino winnings/chips for raffle tickets. Prizes need to be donated for several drawings at the end of the evening. A player’s chance to win a prize is limited to the number of raffle tickets they earned by playing the casino games. Boston Casino Event dealers, Casino Managers, and the Casino Hostess will exchange winnings at the rate of one raffle ticket for every $100.00 in casino chips or $100.00 in unused Boston Casino Event FUN money. Your committee has the option to change this model to better suit the needs of the organization.

So what are you waiting for? We’ve helped some of the biggest charitable organizations reach and exceed fundraising goals. Put your fundraiser plan into action and give us a call at 978-777-0776.

Casino Night Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer nonprofit discounts for casino night fundraisers?

Yes we do! Contact us online or give us a call at 978-777-0776 for details.

How can a charity or nonprofit organization save money on a casino night fundraiser?

We recommend reaching out to the local community and asking businesses and/or individuals to sponsor a table. This cuts down on your costs and helps you get closer to your fundraising goals.

What makes Boston Casino special when it comes to fundraising events?

We use professional casino tables, and most of our dealers are professionals that also work for local casinos. This real casino “feel” adds to the excitement of the night and encourages guests to stay and spend for longer.

How does a casino night fundraiser work?

Guests usually receive funny money upon entry, which they use at the gaming tables. At the end of the night, they exchange their winnings for raffle tickets to win donated prizes.

What is “Funny Money”?

“Funny Money” refers to the play money used in casino night fundraisers, given to guests upon arrival to simulate a real casino experience without using actual cash. Guests use this funny money to buy chips and participate in various casino games. As they win games, they accumulate more funny money, which they can exchange for raffle tickets to enter prize drawings. This approach encourages participation and ensures compliance with legal regulations by avoiding real-money gambling. By selling additional funny money and raffle tickets, the fundraiser can boost donations and provide an entertaining, risk-free environment for guests to support a good cause. We can customize your funny money to include your organization’s logo or other branding.

What kind of prizes should we offer for our casino night fundraiser?

Popular prizes include gift baskets, electronics, event tickets, and gift cards. The more appealing the prizes, the more motivated guests will be to play and earn raffle tickets.

Can we customize the casino night to fit our organization’s needs?

Yes, Boston Casino Event offers flexibility in terms of gaming options, betting limits, and prize distribution to best suit your organization’s goals and preferences.

How long does a typical casino night fundraiser last?

A typical event lasts about 3-4 hours, which includes time for gaming, raffle draws, and any additional activities or presentations your organization may have planned.

What is the minimum and maximum number of guests for a casino night fundraiser?

We can accommodate events of various sizes, from intimate gatherings of 50 people to large events with over 500 guests. Our team will work with you to ensure we have the right amount of equipment and staff to make your event a success.

How much does it cost to host a casino night fundraiser?

The cost varies depending on the size and scope of your event, including the number of gaming tables, dealers, and additional services you choose. We offer customizable packages to fit different budgets and fundraising goals. Contact us for a personalized quote.

How far in advance should we book our casino night fundraiser?

We recommend booking your event at least 3-6 months in advance to ensure availability and ample time for planning. However, we can sometimes accommodate shorter notice if our schedule permits.

Can we serve food and drinks at the casino night fundraiser?

Yes, we encourage serving food and drinks to enhance the overall experience for your guests. Many organizations choose to have a cash bar or offer a catered meal to further increase fundraising opportunities.

What types of casino games are available?

We offer a wide range of casino games including Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em, Money Wheel, Craps, and more. We can help you select the best combination of games to suit your audience and event goals.

Do you provide training for volunteers who want to help with the event?

Yes, we can provide training for your volunteers to assist with check-in, prize distribution, and other event logistics. Additionally, our professional staff will be on hand to manage the gaming tables and ensure everything runs smoothly.

What are the legal requirements for hosting a casino night fundraiser?

Legal requirements can vary by location. It’s important to check with your local regulations regarding gaming and fundraising events. We can help guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your event complies with all applicable laws.

How can we maximize the fundraising potential of our casino night event?

In addition to ticket sales and sponsorships, consider incorporating additional fundraising activities such as silent auctions, live auctions, or additional raffles. Promoting your event widely and engaging your community can also help increase attendance and donations.

What support does Boston Casino Event provide leading up to the event?

We offer comprehensive support, including event planning assistance, promotional materials, and advice on best practices for maximizing your fundraising potential. On the day of the event, our team will handle the setup, management, and breakdown of all casino equipment.

Feel free to reach out with any more questions or to start planning your next fundraising event with us!